Thursday, June 21, 2012


today i looked back at everything that happened throughout  my live, and i actually miss it all. i got to say, there were a lot of boring stuff that happened, and i was always just looking for the end of every event because nothing seemed like anything, but now i just can't say that. it used to be that i was always looking for my-own self gain in everything and just went after what might make me happy. now; i don't care, but am looking to make what memories i have left totally something worth remembering. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

i miss...

i miss everything!! i miss the old me!. i miss not having to worry about anything. i miss fun being my life, and always having fun. i miss the way people looked at me when i was little. when i was little everyone would say things like he's so cute, he's so funny, isn't he just adorable. today people wouldn't think to say that; today everything is so literal, and people say things like he's so athletic, he's so smart, look at his potential. i miss being little!!    

my views on mainstream music

mainstream music is cool. i listen to it quite a lot, including right now. but like everything its not always perfect.     

how important is education?

i believe it is highly crustal to be educated. on the other hand i believe we work a little too hard at it. its almost a proven fact that home-schoolers are smarter than any other kind of student, and that's not because they have more work. there's a reason why kids simply don't like school, and its not because they have to "learn something!"   

my earliest memory

i remember having this little dog i called Blacky, and a baseball cap where i would always look at the brim for whatever reason. i remember going to Virginia beach for the first time with my family, and thinking the waves would kill me. i remember being in preschool and thinking how silly it was to have to do all these random activities. i miss being little!   

my favorite movie

its hard to say what is my absolute favorite movie, but if i had to chose it would probably be Pearl Harbor. i like the background, and the storyline. other than that its just a good film.     

if i could have dinner with anyone...

if i could have dinner with anyone i would  probably choose Matthew Mcconaughey. Matthew Mcconaughey is extremely funny and outgoing, and he would be really cool to have dinner with. i would probably eat Mexican. Mexican is awesome, and nothing else like it.